Don Johnson

Coach Johnson is a graduate of Greenville High School (1965) and is entering his 39th year teaching at Greenville High School. His coaching career started in 1983 with 1 year in football, 24 years in tennis and is starting his 13th year as the golf coach. Over the years there have be numerous regional qualifiers with 3 straight Boys District Champs and the only 2 time Girls District

Champ in Greenville history. Coach Johnson is a graduate of East Texas State University with a Masters Degree in Physical Education and Bachelors Degrees in English and History. Coach Johnson’s wife of 32 years, Janet McCartney Johnson, a retired Bowie Elementary teacher, is living in the lap luxury in their country home taking care of their 3 dogs, Sweetie Pie, Sugar and Tigger and cat, Spanky. Coach Johnson plans on many more years working with young men and women instilling confidence, self reliance and humility in all they do.